In line with the basic education BiSt, the handling with new technologies is being taught. The prisoners should be able to create documents with the office programs and need to have a basic knowledge about the handling eith the intranet.

In the initial phase the prison regimes had their own IT infrastructure. But because they had such high security requirements that the idea to create an own education server was realized. The „specialist department BiSt-server“ and the Bedag Informatik AG (Bern) worked out a concept which complied with the security-, cost- and basic education - criteria. Since 2008 the central BiSt - server can be used as well as the learning programs.

If they want to have the server is the decision of the prison regime. They can choose between an „offline“- system or a „Whiteliste“ (online on some choosen websites). Which learning program is being intrused, is the decision of the specialist department BiSt - server.

Additionally to the learning programs for the prisoners, the server has also a device to which the teachers have an external access. On this device, the teachers can deposit documents for the classes.


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