With the curriculum 'basic education in prisons' a consistent education can be given in all the penal facilities in Switzerland (German and French parts). The curriculum is used for regulation, reporting of the tuition and it statements about the goals and the contents of the classes.
For the teachers, the curriculum is an obligatory contract.  With it, we can guarantee that prisoners who transfer to another prison can continue seamlessly with their education. 
In addition to language, mathematics and computer skills there are 8 other topics of basic education that are being taught. These 8 topics are based on everyday life questions to prepare the prisoners for the time after the prison. For example they teach about job applications, appartment - hunting and financial management.
The Curriculum `basic education in prisons' was devised in 2009 by a team of teachers and education experts. In 2011 the curriculum was trailed and in January 2012 it was put in effect.


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