The basic education is a programm for prisoners all around Switzerland. There are used common curriculum and e-learning programms for the classes. 

The aim of the basic education are the better accomlishment of the everyday life in prison as well as the increase of the chances at resettlement in the woking world and society. 

The target group are adult prisoners in prison regimes, which do not or not anymore have an educational background of the grade school level. The access to the classes does not depend on age, origin, language or retention time. An acceptance criterium is, that the prisoners are cutivable and are able to work in learning groups.

In the basic education the competences in calculation, reading and writing as well as sociality are being supported. In addition the prisoners expand their general education and achieve knowledge about the use of Computers.

The classes take place every week during half a day and during the working times. It is made of learning in groups as well as individual learning. In the normal prison regime the groups are made of six members, in the sanction regime the groups are made of four prisoners. The duration of the participation at the classes is indetermined respectively it depends on the accomplishment of the given aims.